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Business continuity management: reflections from disaster

The Asia Pacific region experienced more than its fair share of natural disasters in the first quarter of 2011; but what impact have these events had on attitudes to BCM in the region, and what lessons have been learned? Ernst & Young, Australia, has provided a paper which explores these questions.

Highlights include:

- The resolve of leaders has been strengthened to drive the development of business continuity management practices that not only look good on paper, but actually work.

- Business continuity management is now receiving a renewed focus by corporate and community leaders who are placing increased importance on verifying the ability of their organisations to plan for and respond to disaster.

- Recent events demonstrate the importance of confident leadership in a crisis.

- More than ever business continuity management needs to reflect and incorporate a networked approach to resilience.

- A risk-based approach to resilience planning is important to achieve continuity plans that meet the specific objectives of each organisation or community.

- Since customers and clients are the true measure of business continuity management success, organisations should apply the good practice approaches and regulations that apply to them, perform rigorous and pragmatic BIAs that identify the most critical processes from a customer or client perspective.

- Emergent communication technology is blurring the line between corporate and community resilience and making it possible for everyone to share in the effort of responding to disaster.

Read the paper (PDF).

•Date: 22nd June 2011 • Region: Asia Pacific •Type: Article • Topic: BC general

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