The future role of BCM in contemporary corporate defence

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Corporate defence in its simplest form could be said to represent an organization’s program for self‐defence. A corporate defence program therefore represents the steps taken by an organization in order to defend itself against the many hazards which it can potentially be exposed to. These hazards can vary, and can include such issues as litigation, fraud, compliance, crime, espionage and natural disasters, to name but a few. Typically vulnerability to a specific hazard can be the end result of deficiencies in an organisation’s corporate defence system, whereby these deficiencies are either intentionally or unintentionally exploited.

This paper aims to initially look at the changing perception of corporate defence, followed by a review of the developments which have occurred in BCM and other defence related activities. Finally the paper addresses the potential future role of BCM in this corporate defence space.

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•Date: 17th Sept 2010 • Region: World •Type: Article •Topic: BC general
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