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Developing a comprehensive open-source business continuity model

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There seems to be no widely accepted model which can be used to present the concept of business continuity management in a way which is simple enough to allow rapid understanding in people new to the industry, yet comprehensive enough to be useful in other areas of the BCM process, such as communicating with the company board and in awareness and training programmes.

Continuity Central is inviting you to help develop an open source (i.e copyright free) model which can achieve the above goals. As a starting point we have developed a ‘straw man,’ to use a marketing cliché, which is illustrated below. We would welcome your feedback and additional ideas which you can submit using the form underneath.

The model is intended to show that business continuity management consists of both preventative and reactive aspects - these are the areas of BCM that occur before and after a crisis or incident. On each side of the model are ‘inputs’ and ‘outputs’, inputs being the activities that take place and outputs being the results of the inputs.


Is there a need for a widely accepted business continuity model

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What are your opinions of the proposed model?

How should it be changed to make it more helpful?

What additions should be made to the inputs and outputs?


Date: 27th June 2003 •Region: Worldwide •Type: Article •Topic: BC general
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