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Business continuity news and information:
Europe (except UK)

Can business continuity management effectively manage cultural diversity?
Defining the recovery time objectives Business continuity management in large organizations with many different departments and diverse personalities can be a challenge at times. John Zeppos, FBCI, looks at some of the issues.

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DDoS attacks increasing as a business continuity threat to EMEA organizations
Survey shows more than a third of multiple DDoS attacks affected impacted businesses for more than 24 hours.

Organizations fear the Cryptoapocalypse
A Ponemon Institute and Venafi survey report has found that the information security incident that organizations are most concerned about is a ‘Cryptoapocalypse-like event’: a scenario where the standard algorithms of trust, such as RSA and SHA, are compromised and exploited overnight.

Survey finds that good information security is a positive business benefit
Research shows that businesses investing in cyber security experience faster growth.

ENISA issues methodologies for the identification of critical information infrastructure services in communication networks
New study aims to help EU Member States and operators of critical information infrastructure services to protect themselves from future threats and challenges.

New ENISA report looks at the cyber threat landscape
ETL 2014 looks at the 15 top cyber threats, cyber threat agents, cyber-attack methods and threat trends for emerging technology areas.

Vast majority of multinationals lack total control of voice infrastructure despite huge cost of downtime
Survey looks at voice systems in European organizations; business continuity testing is a weak area.

Badly managed access rights put critical data at risk
Employees with needlessly excessive data access privileges represent a growing risk for organizations due to both accidental and conscious exposure of sensitive or critical data.

Don't treat climate change as a ‘Doomsday’ scenario: climate scientist tells risk managers
“The biggest risk in dealing with climate change is to treat it as Doomsday and think there is nothing we can do about it…”

European organizations need to improve management of top risks: FERMA research
The Federation of European Risk Management Associations has published the key findings from its 2014 Risk Management Benchmarking Survey.

Efficient data back-up ‘turns employees into sloppy savers’
A European study by information storage and management company Iron Mountain has discovered an unexpected downside to advanced data back-up and storage capability.

Large scale EU crisis management exercise starts
2nd Multi-Layer Crisis Management Exercise runs from 30th September to 23rd October 2014.

Researchers look into improving the availability of complex systems by better understanding inter-dependencies
A new study relies on a complex systems modelling approach to analyse inter-dependent networks and improve their reliability in the event of failure.

Airlines warned to monitor Bárðarbunga volcanic activity
Airlines and the global supply chain were severely affected by the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010 and business continuity managers in exposed organizations will be watching the Bárðarbunga volcano with concern.

FERMA plan for European certification of risk managers gets the go-ahead
The general assembly of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations has agreed a framework and funding to create a European certification for risk managers.

Achieving resilience to disasters: EU must do more
The Committee of the Regions has stated that the European Union must take far more concrete steps to build resilience against natural disasters, placing local and regional authorities at the centre of its plans.

The 2014 Information Maturity Risk Index
Iron Mountain reports on information risk management practices.

Fear of reputational damage driving data protection compliance
According to Ipswitch survey.

Breakthrough wearable device adds to crisis messaging armoury
New AtusSmartBadge helps gain users’ attention to important text messages and issues instant personal alarms.

The BCI European Awards winners
The 2014 BCI European Awards took place on Wednesday 21st May at a Gala Dinner to coincide with the Business Continuity Institute’s Executive Forum in Amsterdam.

Looking ahead to 5G
Business continuity managers need to be aware of emerging technologies which will impact their organizations in the future: and one such technology will be 5G.

Europe agrees processes for the management of multinational cyber-crises
Standard operational procedures to manage multinational cyber-crises finalised by EU, EFTA Member States and ENISA.

Power Supply Dependencies in the Electronic Communications Sector: a new ENISA report
ENISA, the EU’s cyber security agency, has issued a new report studying network outages caused by power cuts.

The BCI European Awards are open for entries
The Awards Dinner will be held on the 21st May 2014 in Amsterdam and will be an integral part of the Business Continuity Institute’s Executive Forum.

Mitigating attacks on industrial control systems: ENISA releases new guidance
The EU’s cyber security agency, ENISA, has provided a new manual for better mitigating attacks on industrial control systems, supporting industrial processes primarily in the area of critical information infrastructure.

ENISA has published a new report about how mobile roaming could be used nationally to mitigate large mobile network outages
The new 'National Roaming for Resilience' report explores the pros and cons of different national roaming schemes from a security and resilience perspective.

EU cyber security directive ‘looms large on 2014 risk agendas’: Marsh
New data protection regulations will result in complex technological, process and governance challenges for organizations across Europe.

New ENISA white paper: Can we learn from industrial control systems/SCADA security incidents?
ENISA, the EU’s cyber security agency, has released a white paper giving recommendations regarding prevention and preparedness for an agile and integrated response to cyber security attacks and incidents against industrial control systems / SCADA.

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IOSCO consults on business continuity plans for trading venues and intermediaries
The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has published two consultation reports aimed at further enhancing the ability of financial markets and intermediaries to manage risks, withstand catastrophic events, and swiftly resume their services in the event of disruption.

IT downtime impacts explored in new research
Forty-five percent of IT professionals report that their business is impacted if IT is down for just 15 minutes or less, and 17 percent say that disruption occurs the instant an IT outage develops.

New study reveals that the top business concerns about supply chain relationships are cyber attacks and data loss
BitSight Technologies has released the results of a commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of BitSight, which reveals third-party security as a top business concern for enterprises.

Managing availability in an app-centric environment
Companies are increasingly seeing application availability as business critical but ensuring the consistent availability and top performance of applications is far from a simple task.

ENISA report looks into causes of large outages of electronic communications services
System failures are the main cause of downtime.

Crisis communication wiki and forum launched at IDRC 2014
During the recent 5th International Disaster and Risk Conference (IDRC) in Davos a crisis communication wiki for professionals and an online discussion forum were launched.

Russia sanctions could spark a cyber-war
Western nations are at risk of cyber-warfare if Russia is pushed too far by sanctions, warns Professor Mike Jackson a computer security expert at Birmingham City University.

The 2014 Cyber Defence Maturity Report
Cyber security confidence undermined by contradicting investments as 39 percent of IT organizations experienced more than two significant security incidents in the past year.

New EU guidelines aim to help businesses manage the availability of cloud services through SLAs
Cloud Service Level Agreement Standardisation Guidelines have been developed as part of the European Commission’s strategy to increase trust in cloud services.

European Commission proposes new energy security strategy
European Energy Security Strategy builds on the progress already achieved since the gas crisis in 2009.

European bodies advance new measures to help protect critical space-based infrastructure
Space infrastructure is increasingly threatened by collision risks due to the growing population of satellites and the amount of space debris.

How to implement incident reporting in cloud computing…
A new ENISA report provides advice on how to implement incident reporting in cloud computing.

New disaster management legislation passed by the European Parliament
The European Parliament has voted to adopt new legislation on EU Civil Protection which paves the way for a stronger European cooperation in responding to disasters.

SunGard announces major UK and European developments
SunGard Availability Services has announced a tranche of activities which have significantly increased the capabilities of its UK and European operations.

European Academies Science Advisory Council report looks at the future of climate-based disasters in Europe
‘Trends in extreme weather events in Europe: implications for national and European Union adaptation strategies,’ a new report from EASAC, looks at how climate based disasters have changed in frequency and what can be expected in the future.

FERMA moves ahead with plans to create a pan-European certification for risk managers
By February 2014, FERMA intends to have a first draft prepared for each of the four pillars of certification: knowledge, experience, ethics and continuing professional development.

FERMA explores climate change and risk management
Analysing and mitigating the effects of climate change have become pressing issues for risk managers.

ENISA issues electronic communication major incidents report
ENISA, the EU cyber security agency, has published a new report providing an overview of the major electronic communication outage incidents in the EU in 2012.

Scope of EU cybersecurity agency extended
ENISA has received a new Regulation, granting it a seven year mandate with an expanded set of duties.

European Union and United States convene CBRN Risk Mitigation Dialogue
Represents a renewed effort to coordinate EU and US CBRN assistance activities to mitigate CBRN risks of all kinds.

Council of the European Union issues tender for provision of software as a service for a business continuity management system
Contract will be for a framework agreement lasting up to four years.

Security, disaster recovery and power issues driving European data centre growth
Digital Realty announces results of annual European data centre demand survey.

The EU and Japan agree to cooperate on disaster management
The overall objective is to focus on learning from preparedness and response experiences.

Cyber attacks – a new edge for old weapons
EU cyber agency warns that urgent action is required to combat emerging cyber-attack trends.

‘The double-edged sword of Cloud computing in Critical Information Infrastructure Protection’
A new report from ENISA.

Business continuity and the service desk
Over 80 percent of service desks have business continuity plans in place – yet only half know how to implement them, according to new research.

ENISA reports on Cyber Threat Landscape
New report from the EU’s cyber security agency.

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