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Data centers / centres

Don’t wait to automate…
How security policy orchestration software can help reduce downtime in hybrid environments.

New report provides guidance on protecting data centers from fires
High air flows dilute smoke, making fire detection in data centers challenging.

Business continuity one of the key drivers of growth in the Australian data centre market
Over three quarters of Australian organizations expect to increase spending on data centre facilities within the year.

Guide to ‘de-risking’ co-location projects published
Includes a checklist of requirements for organizations to compare the different data centre tiers with their organization’s risk profile.

Global survey reveals security concerns holding back data centre/center consolidation and cloud migration
Only one in five companies are encrypting data in virtualized environments.

How secure is your rack?
Whilst security to access the data centre can often be impressive, individual rack level security is often sadly limited. Jason Preston highlights the issue.

Gartner recommends limiting data centers to two per continent of major business activity
For many organizations a twin data center / centre topology provides for an adequate level of disaster recovery whilst allowing cost savings and service delivery optimization.

Five baseline strategies for data center business continuity
Paul Andersen describes five capabilities to look for in a reliable application delivery infrastructure.

Security, disaster recovery and power issues driving European data centre growth
Digital Realty announces results of annual European data centre demand survey.

Data centre downtime incidents examined
Human error poses the biggest internal threat to business continuity as the data centre industry refuses to wake up to change, according to intelligent PDU provider Enlogic.

Flying blind at 100G
Organizations deploying 100G uplinks inside data centers/centres face availability management challenges, says Tim Nichols.

EMC VPLEX development doubles the distance between active-active data centers
Active-active data centers can now be situated up to 200km apart.

The risky business of technology moves and transitions
New service offers specialist help.

Physical contamination: a forgotten downtime threat
Unaddressed contamination is a major issue in the data centre/center sector...

Playing Jenga in the data centre
Power issues are a growing cause of data centre-related disaster recovery invocations. Andrew Des’Ascoyne explains why this is the case.

Business continuity and disaster recovery are top priorities for next-generation data center design
According to a survey of IT executives.

'Containerized Power and Cooling Modules for Data Centers'
A new white paper from APC by Schneider Electric.

‘How to Stay in Business: A Data Center Institute Report on Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity’
AFCOM has published a report into data center/centre business continuity and disaster recovery practices.

Four data center megatrends for the decade of the teens
Four megatrends are emerging that are reshaping data centers as a whole and are changing how hardware and software are being delivered to them.

Top technology trends
Martin Kuppinger overviews the trends that business continuity managers need to be aware of.

Taking an intelligent approach to data
Separating production and non-production data can make business continuity much more efficient but how can non-production data be identified? By Richard Fine.

Concerns growing over enterprise data centre / center data protection and disaster recovery capabilities
SEPATON Data Protection Index finds that massive data growth is creating backup and recovery difficulties.

Disaster recovery needs helping drive European data centre expansion
Survey reveals strong demand for new data centre space.

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