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Business Continuity Awareness Week 2014BCAW 2014

Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) is the annual global educational event for people to learn more about business continuity. This page provides updates on Business Continuity Awareness Week 2014. Counting the cost
The main theme for Business Continuity Awareness Week is 'counting the cost'. This theme is designed to demonstrate the potential cost of not having an effective business continuity management system.

Latest Business Continuity Awareness Week news

Counting the costs, and benefits, for business continuity: a critical perspective
An article by Matthias Rosenberg for the BCAW 2014 Flashblog.

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•Date: 18th March 2014 • Europe/World •Type: Article

Counting the costs, and benefits, for business continuity: a standards auditor’s perspective
An article by Jayne Howe for the BCAW 2014 Flashblog.
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•Date: 18th March 2014 • N.America/World •Type: Article

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Counting the cost: a meta-analysis of the cost of ineffective business continuity
As part of its Business Continuity Awareness Week activities, the Business Continuity Institute has published a report to highlight the cost of common threats to organizations.
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•Date: 18th March 2014 • World •Type: Article

The Business Continuity Awareness Week Flashblog
Your chance to take part in something different during this year's BCAW.
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•Date: 25th February 2014 • World •Type: Article

Useful resources


The Business Continuity Institute has set up a number of webinars during BCAW 2014:

Monday 17th March

Gaining efficiency and saving costs through ICT continuity
Jaun Harmse – Senior BCM Advisor, ContinuitySA

The potential financial impact of not having a BC programme in place
James Halpin and Alastair O'Brien of Plan B Consulting

Counting the cost - a meta analysis of the cost of ineffective BC
Patrick Alcantara of the BCI

Tuesday 18th March

Counting the cost of poor communication in a crisis
Tracey Linnell – General Manager, Advisory Services, ContinuitySA

Resilience in action - sharing business continuity lessons learned
Linda Laun – CBCP at IBM
Paige Poore – Director of IBM Global Business Continuity Management

Here comes the rain again - building resiliency for adverse weather
Clare Betley and Helen Scott of Capital One.

Wednesday 19th March

Unpacking short term insurance for better continuity
Tracey Linnell – General Manager, Advisory Services for ContinuitySA,
Jaun Harmse – Senior BCM Advisor, ContinuitySA

Supplier BCM plans: why they are essential to your supply chain
Paul Kirvan – Member of the Board and Secretary, BCI US Chapter

The challenge of global critical communications: think global, act local
David Flower and Scott Chenery of Everbridge

Thursday 20th March

Do you understand your outsourced BC reliance?
Peter Westcott – Senior BCM Advisor and BCM Trainer, ContinuitySA

Business continuity – counting the cost
Tony Perry – Senior Managing Consultant and Business Continuity Practice Leader, IBM

A simple and cost effective method to boost your continuity planning
Fredrik Pettersson and Angelica Olofsson of Actea Consulting

The house with no foundations
Richard Trotman and James Cooke of PwC

Mega-trends: what is the cost if we continue to ignore them?
Jack Armstrong of PwC

Friday 21st March

Horizon Scanning
Andrew Scott of the BCI and Lorna Anderson of BSI

BCAW in Canada

This year the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange, the Business Continuity Institute Canada, Disaster Recovery Institute Canada, the World Conference on Disaster Management , Centennial College - Emergency Management and Public Safety Institute , and the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network are teaming up to promote Business Continuity Awareness Week in Canada.

This Canadian BCAW theme is: 'Business Continuity: Helping Protect Business Value.' More details.

Canadian webinars:

Monday 17th March

Making Your Crisis Communication Plan Fit Into Your Business Continuity Plan

Tuesday 18th March

You've Identified the Risks and Vulnerabilities Facing Your Organization - Now What?

Wednesday 19th March

Upgrading Business Continuity From Middle Management Expense to Senior Management Asset

Thursday 20th March

Lessons Learned From Real Life Events at Global Organizations

Piecing Together the Pandemic Puzzle – Planning for Pandemics, Epidemics and Outbreaks

Physical events

Australia : Linus BCAW Seminar
Date: Tuesday 18th March 2014
Time: 9am to 12pm
Place: Melbourne CBD
Free to attend

As part of Business Continuity Awareness Week, Linus has invited three guest presenters from very different organizations to speak about aspects of business continuity including the aftermath of a disaster (9/11), BC in the health environment and the impact of multiple, cascading events on service delivery and business recovery. Visit www.linusrevive.com to register.

UK: ‘Stay Calm, Prepare Today, Save Tomorrow’

During Business Continuity Awareness Week, local companies wanting to create their own business continuity plans can get free help from the Bedfordshire and Luton Local Resilience Forum (BLRFF).

The 30 minute sessions will help businesses understand what business continuity is about and will provide a template for survival in times of crisis. There will also be stalls and displays by major responders from across the county.

The sessions are being held between 8am and 6pm at Bedford Corn Exchange on Tuesday 18th March and the Tokko Building, Gordon Street, Luton on Wednesday 19th March.

Pre-booking is strongly advised: contact the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, events@chamber-business.com, www.chamber-business.com/events/chamber-events/ or call 01582 522448. (You do not need to be a member of the C of C or FSB to attend).

South Africa: ContinuitySA breakfast presentation

ContinuitySA will also host a breakfast presentation on March 18th at 08:00 at the ContinuitySA Media Briefing Centre in Midrand. The subject will be ‘ISO22301 vs BS25999 onwards to certification.’ More details.

UK: Milton Keynes Business Resilience Forum (MKBRF) presents ‘Counting the Cost’ 19th March 2014

This free half-day event focusses on the impact of disruptions, with particular emphasis on information security, cyber-crime and hacking prevention. Listen to expert speakers from: Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), Network Rail, Microsoft, BSI and OCF IT Security Consultants.

For more details and to book your space please visit https://mkbrf-ctc.eventbrite.co.uk

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Phoenix opens its doors for Business Continuity Awareness Week

Organizations of all sizes can arrange a time to tour the Phoenix business continuity facilities across the UK, to meet with business continuity experts and have their questions answered. 

Mike Osborne, managing director of Phoenix’s Business Continuity Unit and a keen advocate of BCAW, commented:  

“Everyone appreciates the importance of awareness – within our own organization, along our supply chains and throughout our economy – there’s simply no downside in sharing information, advice and encouragement to help businesses to embrace and further their resiliency, whatever stage they’re at or challenges they face.

 “During BCAW visitors to our centres can find out what services are available, discuss their current BC dilemmas with leading BC experts and discover how they can align their recovery strategies with the advances they have already seen across their IT infrastructures, particularly with the adoption of approaches such as virtualisation, Cloud computing and BYOD.”

Please click here to see the centre locations and arrange a visit.



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