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Business continuity software:
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WolfPAC Solutions Group upgrades online business continuity planning solution
WolfPAC risk assessment and management tool gets an updated Business Continuity Planning module.
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•Date: 3rd February 2015 • US/World •Type: Article

IBHS Business Continuity Planning Toolkit now available as an app
New mobile app will help businesses create a business continuity plan.
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•Date: 19th November 2014 • US •Type: Article

Unitrends launches free online disaster recovery planning tool
Unitrends has announced BC/DR Link, a free online service tool that enables companies worldwide to ‘quickly and easily build a comprehensive disaster recovery plan’.
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•Date: 24th July 2014 • World •Type: Article

The dangers of using a content management system as a BCM solution
Factonomy’s Robin Craib gives his view on why business continuity management tools need to be built around a genuine relational database.
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•Date: 17th July 2014 • World •Type: Article

Views on the business continuity software market
Following Continuity Central’s recent survey into business continuity software usage we asked some of the key suppliers of business continuity software to answer a standard set of questions about trends in the business continuity software market.
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•Date: 20th June 2014 • World •Type: Article

The results of the 2014 Continuity Central Business Continuity Software Survey: part one
Continuity Central recently conducted a wide-ranging survey into business continuity software usage. 377 people responded and the results will be published in two parts.
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•Date: 12th June 2014 • World •Type: Article

Exploring the business continuity software market
In an interview with Continuity Central, ClearView Continuity’s chief executive, Charles Boffin, gives his take on how the business continuity software market is developing.
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•Date: 12th June 2014 • World •Type: Article

Avalution extends Catalyst business continuity software with automatic business continuity metrics
Avalution Consulting has announced the release of a new feature, ‘Catalyst Insights’, for its Catalyst business continuity software suite.
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•Date: 31st March 2014 • US/World •Type: Article

New business continuity software offering launched by Rentsys
‘Rentsys Continuity Manager’ includes and builds upon key features of the EverGreen software suite, which Rentsys obtained through its acquisition of EverGreen Data Continuity in July.
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•Date: 14th November 2013 • US/World •Type: Article

IBHS creates online version of Open For Business-EZ toolkit
Free online business continuity planning tool for US small businesses.
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•Date: 22nd October 2013 • US •Type: Article

Council of the European Union issues tender for provision of software as a service for a business continuity management system
Contract will be for a framework agreement lasting up to four years.
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•Date: 21st May 2013 • Europe / UK •Type: Article

New business continuity software offering launched by SunGard Availability Services
SunGard Availability Services has announced the launch of SunGard Assurance, a business continuity management Software-as-a-Service solution.
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•Date: 20th March 2013 • World •Type: Article

RSA launches integrated business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management software
New RSA Archer Business Continuity Management and Operations solution; includes mobile app.
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•Date: 24th Jan 2013 • US/World •Type: Article

New version of OpsPlanner business continuity software available
New features include a ‘preparedness assessment’ feature; ISO 22301 program support; and dependency-based plan and recovery workflow.
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•Date: 16th Nov 2012 • US/World •Type: Article

COOP Systems aligns business continuity software with ISO 22301
COOP Systems has announced that its myCOOP business continuity planning and management software now supports the full life cycle of the new ISO 22301 business continuity standard.
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•Date: 27th Sept 2012 • World •Type: Article

INONI releases budget business continuity planning solution
INONI, a UK based provider of business continuity management software, has announced changes and improvements to its INONI Lite product.
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•Date: 21st Sept 2012 • UK/World •Type: Article

CLIO Planner: a new business continuity planning solution from Badger Software
CLIO Planner is highly intuitive and needs a minimum of training and practice.
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•Date: 21st Sept 2012 • UK/World •Type: Article

‘Business Continuity Manager’ enters the business continuity software market
New software from LockPath is part of a wider GRC package.
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•Date: 12th June 2012 • World •Type: Article

Avalution launches Catalyst business continuity software
New entry into the business continuity software market aims to make business continuity planning “easy and repeatable for every organization, regardless of size.”
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•Date: 1st June 2012 • US/World •Type: Article

BC-3 expands the business continuity software market
Australia-based RiskLogic has launched a new web-based business continuity management tool.
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•Date: 25th May 2012 • Australia/World •Type: Article

SunGard Availability Services launches Test Management software
SunGard Availability Services has used the 2012 DRJ Spring World Conference as a platform to launch its new Test Management software.
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•Date: 27th March 2012 • US •Type: Article

COOP Systems showcases innovative interface for smart mobile devices
COOP Systems has been demonstrating the latest development of its myCOOP business continuity software at DRJ Spring World.
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•Date: 27th March 2012 • US •Type: Article

Business continuity for arts organizations
New ArtsReady online platform provides specific business continuity resources for arts organizations and creative enterprises.
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•Date: 16th September 2011 • Region: US •Type: Article

Forrester publishes report into business continuity management software
Says “You can no longer manage a complex BCM program with simple Office tools.”
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•Date: 31st May 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article

Stephenson Resilience launches new version of ‘Business Resilience Intelligence Tool’
Web-based tool helps organizations measure and compare their resilience.
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•Date: 26th May 2011 • Region: UK/World •Type: Article

New version of INONI business continuity software released
INONI has announced the release of its 2011Q2 platform, which includes various upgrades to the long-established browser-based business continuity software.
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•Date: 25th March 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article

Avalution enhances business continuity software offering
Four new features for The Planning Portal.
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•Date: 24th Feb 2011 • Region: US

ClearView launches innovative Business Impact Analysis and Exercise Management modules
Expands business continuity management software offering.
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•Date: 4th Feb 2011 • Region: UK

Why business continuity software sceptics are right. And why they are wrong...
Ian Crabb explains.
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•Date: 14th Jan 2011 • Region: UK/World

Paradigm Solutions International releases OpsPlanner 5.0 BCM software
Paradigm Solutions International has announced the general release of OpsPlanner version 5.0. The major enhancements in the release include multi-lingual capabilities, new compliance management features and enhanced Smartphone support. OpsPlanner v5.0 is a comprehensive business continuity plan development, BIA, crisis/recovery management, and emergency notification solution
•Date: 12th Jan 2011 • Region: World

Linus launches new version of Revive business continuity management software
Version 8.2 provides significant enhancements.
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•Date: 10th Dec 2010 • Region: Australia/World

Two new challenges for BCM software: delivering BCMS management process and management system auditing
A white paper provided by COOP Systems.
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•Date: 7th Dec 2010 • Region: World

Continuity Commander launched by ContingenZ
New business continuity software package aimed at small and medium sized businesses.
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•Date: 12th Nov 2010 • Region: US/World

Global Magnitude releases recoverEASE Risk Mitigator and Continuity version 2.0
Software company now offering franchise and ‘Private Label’ opportunities.
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•Date: 13th Oct 2010 • Region: World

myCOOP Version 6.7 released
COOP Systems has announced its most recent quarterly product release for its myCOOP advanced business continuity management software. New capabilities include:
* Advanced charting: iFusion charting component flexibly and easily applied to any table;
* PDF printing capacity: extending the number of printable chapters in a plan to hundreds;
* Improved process reporting: advanced reporting across the myCOOP relational schema.
•Date: 13th Oct 2010 • Region: World •Type

ICM launches new version of Shadow-Planner
Major new enhancements made.
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•Date: 7th Oct 2010 • Region: UK

Clearview Continuity gains ISO 27001 accreditation for new business continuity plan management service
Web based service will be launched at BCM2010.
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•Date: 24th Sept 2010 • Region: UK

TAMP Systems updates business continuity software offering
Introduces a new Recovery and Response module.
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•Date: 22nd Sept 2010 • Region: US/World

COOP Systems announces new features for myCOOP
Several advanced enhancements to be highlighted at DRJ Fall World.
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•Date: 10th Sept 2010 • Region: US/World

ICM takes Shadow-Planner to the next level
The Shadow-Planner business continuity software suite has been given a complete re-write to make it quicker, more intuitive and easier to use.
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•Date: 8th Sept 2010 • Region: UK

COOP Systems announces new hosting capabilities
Strengthens hosted business continuity planning infrastructure.
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•Date: 29th July 2010 • Region: World

New software seeks to integrate business continuity and enterprise risk management
recoverEASE Risk Mitigator helps address all risks an organization may encounter.
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•Date: 22nd July 2010 • Region: World

INONI launches ‘managed business continuity software’
New service will help business continuity managers make the most of BC software capabilities.
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•Date: 2nd July 2010 • Region: UK/World

The case for specialist business continuity management software
John Robinson, managing director of INONI, a provider of BCM software, responds to Continuity Central’s recent BCM software survey.
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•Date: 11th June 2010 • Region: UK / World

Business continuity software survey : SunGard’s response
SunGard Availability Services has responded in detail to Continuity Central’s recent business continuity software survey.
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•Date: 28th May 2010 • Region: UK/World

IBHS provides new business continuity plan development resources for members
The US Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) has announced the release of its new Open for Business Online Trainer and Advanced Track Sessions, a web-based business continuity planning tool for small businesses which is available exclusively to IBHS members. Composed of nine short multimedia sessions, the Online Trainer guides users through the Open for Business planning tool to develop a customized property protection and business continuity plan, which is then stored online for future reference and updating. http://www.disastersafety.org/text.asp?id=ofb_online.
•Date: 26th May 2010 • Region: US

Business continuity software quick survey: final results
Business continuity software versus standard Microsoft Office tools: your views.
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•Date: 19th May 2010 • Region: World

COOP Systems adds new features to myCOOP
COOP Systems, the developer of myCOOP, an advanced business continuity management software package, has added three new capabilities to it.
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•Date: 31st March 2010 • Region: US/World

Web Planner Express business continuity planning tool enhanced
Web Planner Express, an easily affordable business continuity planning tool, has been significantly enhanced with support for BIA and risk metric management, expanded database lists, and planning template upgrades. http://www.waypointadvisory.com/
•Date: 31st March 2010 • Region: US/World

SunGard Availability Services adds vendor and work force assessment capabilities to Continuity Management Solution
Helps identify potential vulnerabilities and manage policies.
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•Date: 24th March 2010 • Region: US/World

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