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Business continuity news and information: UK

Ten steps to a great business continuity exercise
Excercising your business continuity plan James Stevenson, a highly experienced business continuity manager, shares his thoughts on planning and running successful exercises.

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Butcher, baker, beer bottle maker: exercising with your supply chain
What are the advantages of running exercises with your critical suppliers? Harriet Wood provides a perspective from the brewing and pub industry.
Why testing and exercising are essential for an effective business continuity programme: BUT what exactly are you testing or exercising?
Lyndon Bird explains what the difference is between testing and exercising and offers some thoughts for improvements.

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EBRP business continuity software

Boards must up their game before the hackers claim checkmate
The connected world is under siege and current security solutions and approaches are outdated and inadequate: it’s time for organizational boards to recognise this and take action.

BSI's top ten tips for business continuity planning
BSI, the business standards company, has published a list of tips to help those new to the business continuity profession.

Top tips for improving your business continuity exercises
Could you get more out of your business continuity exercises? Do you have an inner concern that last year’s exercise programme didn’t demonstrate as much as you would have liked, or that there may be alternative ways of delivering the exercise that would be more cost effective and less effort?

Business continuity management: don’t get out – get better…
Luke Bird reflects on career progression opportunities in BCM and how the profession could improve in this area.

Company reputations at risk as social media revolutionizes breaking news
Following the release of Insignia Communications’s latest report ‘The effect of social media on breaking news’, managing director, Jonathan Hemus, discusses what the findings mean.

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Organizational resilience: the Business Continuity Institute’s view
Why the BCI sees organizational resilience as an important framework.
BC statistics and research

The Seventh Annual State of Resilience Report

The financial cost of IT failures and downtime to businesses is revealed

Crisis Management Survey 2014 results

Will resilience replace risk and continuity?
business continuity and organizational resilience Is the world of risk, continuity and crisis about to change as new concepts and approaches linked to resilience gain momentum or are we seeking solutions to the same old stories repacked through a different language?

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