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Business continuity news and information: UK

How to define your recovery time objectives
Defining the recovery time objectives Defining the recovery time objectives (RTO) for your activities is one of the most critical things the business continuity manager will carry out. In this article Charlie Maclean-Bristol offers some practical advice on the subject.

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Colocation doesn’t have to be an either-or decision where cloud is concerned
Lilac Schoenbeck explains why organizations shouldn’t be pressured into choosing between colocation and cloud.
Business continuity management: don’t get out – get better…
Luke Bird reflects on career progression opportunities in BCM and how the profession could improve in this area.

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EBRP business continuity software

How to develop excellent business continuity exercises
Looking to improve your business continuity exercise skills? A new downloadable resource will help.

The cloud in 2015
Steven Harrison predicts how business use of cloud computing will develop and change during the next 12 months.

Managing availability in an app-centric environment
Companies are increasingly seeing application availability as business critical but ensuring the consistent availability and top performance of applications is far from a simple task.

Backup is broken: and here’s the fix
Fast, secure and reliable backup is a business-critical function so why do many organizations struggle to get it right? Alistair Forbes looks at the issues.

Company reputations at risk as social media revolutionizes breaking news
Following the release of Insignia Communications’s latest report ‘The effect of social media on breaking news’, managing director, Jonathan Hemus, discusses what the findings mean.

Improving organizational resilience: the real justification for business continuity
Lyndon Bird says that there is a rapid change in business terminology taking place: from business continuity management to organizational resilience. In this article he explains why this is the case.

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Organizational resilience: the Business Continuity Institute’s view
Why the BCI sees organizational resilience as an important framework.
BC statistics and research

Crisis Management Survey 2014 results

UK small businesses are failing when it comes to business continuity

UK-based business continuity consultants earn more than double the amount their US counterparts receive

Will resilience replace risk and continuity?
business continuity and organizational resilience Is the world of risk, continuity and crisis about to change as new concepts and approaches linked to resilience gain momentum or are we seeking solutions to the same old stories repacked through a different language?

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