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Business continuity news and information: UK

Following up after a business continuity management system audit
BCMS follow up audit In the third article of a series, Hilary Estall looks at the audit follow up process and what this involves. When is it necessary and who should be involved?

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Views on the business continuity software market
Continuity Central asked some of the key suppliers of business continuity software to answer a standard set of questions about trends in the market.
Back to the future: the threat of more terrorist attacks against the UK
Peter Power looks at how the UK terrorism threat is changing and what business continuity managers can do to ensure their organization is prepared.

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Why your BIA method matters
This on-demand webinar provides an overview of the BIA process and describes a research project which looked at various BIA methods to determine which was the more effective and why this was the case.

EBRP business continuity software

Managing mobile device risks
Ian Kilpatrick looks at the risks involved with mobile devices and how to secure them.

Ebola: actions that all business continuity managers can consider
Advice from Charlie Maclean-Bristol.

Active risk management: defending against the cyber storm
How to put your organizations into a more confident, competitive position when it comes to information security threats.

Business continuity and the UK Financial Conduct Authority: how reasonable is reasonable?
‘Reasonable’: it’s a word that insurers and their contact centres need to grapple with when planning business continuity.

The realities of recovery time objectives
Is the aim of recovering to a minimum business continuity objective acceptable? Tim Dunger argues that it isn’t…


Responding to Global Risks: a practical guide for business leaders

Bank of England publishes Waking Shark II report

Social engineering: understanding the threat

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The Business Continuity and Resiliency Journal

The Business Continuity and Resiliency Journal is Continuity Central’s quarterly peer-reviewed advanced level publication.

BC statistics and research

UK-based business continuity consultants earn more than double the amount their US counterparts receive

Complexity leading to downtime issues in UK organizations

Many UK SMEs are ‘unaware of insurance perks that come with a business continuity plan’

ISO 22301: business continuity management system audit results and what they tell us
Business Continuity Management System Audits Hilary Estall takes a look at how organizations are faring with their BCMS audits and what, if any, trends are appearing.

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