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Business continuity information

transport and logistics sector

UK government transport resilience review published
The results of a government led enquiry into the resiliency of the UK’s critical transport infrastructure have been made available.

DHL helps businesses manage supply chain disruption with launch of Resilience360
With the support of DHL Resilience360, customers can avoid supply chain business continuity issues by redirecting resources and adopting alternative strategies when a disruption occurs.

BUCOPCI project releases business continuity guidelines
The results of the BUCOPCI (BUsiness COntinuity Planning for Critical Infrastructure) project are now available for download from the BUCOPCI website.

Guide to transport sector business continuity planning published
Free handbook from the Mineta Transportation Institute helps transportation agencies make continuity of operation and continuity of government plans.

Brit Insurance warns of new supply chain business continuity risk
The prospect of a major breakdown in the distribution and supply chain is a real possibility if truck drivers fail to comply with forthcoming EU regulations, warns a leading UK-based underwriter.

Supply chain vulnerabilities likely to rise
Cyber, ‘hacker’, pirate and terrorist attacks are expected to rise across the global supply chain over the next 20 years and firms should plan now to protect their assets, says a new PwC report.

Volcanic ash disruption: European Commission issues crisis preparedness update
Highlights measures taken to prepare for a similar event in future.


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