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SANS updates information security policy templates library

The SANS Institute has released 27 completely refreshed information security policy templates that corporations and government agencies can use to ensure their security policies are practical, up-to-date and reflect real-world experience.

The release of new policy templates updates one of SANS' most popular services for the security community. SANS' policy template library has been used by at least 10,000 unique visitors each month for over a decade. The update announced today is a complete refresh of the policy library - removing policies that are no longer needed, adding policies to deal with new technologies and new threats, and updating the remaining policies to reflect changes in practice.

The update reflects the consensus of a team of industry professionals chaired by Michele D. Guel, a senior security architect and distinguished IT engineer at Cisco Systems. Michele is a 26-year veteran of the cybersecurity industry and has been an advocate and supporter of the SANS community since its inception.

Although the policy templates were developed primarily to serve the 125,000 SANS alumni, SANS makes these resources available to all security managers and practitioners, at no charge. The templates may be downloaded from the SANS Security Policy Project site at http://www.sans.org/info/166795.

•Date: 10th September 2014 • US/World •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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