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Prolexic advises against a multi-layered strategy to block DDoS attacks

Prolexic has published a new executive series white paper that alerts businesses of the pitfalls of a multi-layered network security approach for blocking denial of service attacks.

“Experience has shown that the more layers of security, appliances and providers involved in mitigation, the longer it takes to block a DDoS attack,” said Stuart Scholly, president of Prolexic. "There are too many possible weak links in a multi-layered approach that increase the risk of website downtime rather than reduce it. That is why Prolexic recommends a ‘single, strongest defense’ strategy to block DDoS attacks.”

The new white paper, ‘Why a Multi-Layered Security Strategy is Not Ideal for DDoS Mitigation’, examines the common types of cyber security measures and the DDoS attack variants that can easily penetrate them.

Prolexic states a strong case for switching from the industry norm to a single, strongest DDoS defense as the best way to achieve the fastest mitigation, block DDoS attacks, and minimize downtime.

Obtain the white paper after registration at www.prolexic.com/block-ddos

•Date: 15th November 2013 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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