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Report looks at live threat intelligence trends

A new report by the Ponemon Institute looks at ‘live threat intelligence’ and its role in information security.

The ‘2013 Live Threat Intelligence Impact Report’ includes the results of a survey of more than 700 respondents from 378 enterprises. It defines what live threat intelligence is; how global enterprises are using it to defend against compromises, breaches and exploits; and the financial damage that slow, outdated and insufficient threat intelligence is inflicting on them.

Highlights of the results include:

  • Organizations surveyed spent an average of $10 million in the past 12 months to resolve the impact of exploits.
  • If organizations had actionable intelligence about cyberattacks within 60 seconds of a compromise, they could reduce this cost on average by $4 million (40 percent).
  • Those that have been able to stop cyberattacks say they need actionable intelligence 4.6 minutes in advance to stop them from turning into compromises.
  • 60 percent were unable to stop exploits because of outdated or insufficient threat intelligence.
  • Those not successful in detecting attacks believe 12 minutes of advanced warning is sufficient to stop them from developing into compromises.
  • 57 percent believe threat intelligence currently available to most companies is often too stale to enable them to grasp and understand the strategies, motivations, tactics and location of attackers.
  • Only 10 percent know with absolute certainty that a material exploit or breach to networks or enterprise systems occurred.

View the report here (free registration required).

The report was sponsored by Norse.

•Date: 30th July 2013 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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