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New PAS 555 specification will help organizations manage cyber security

BSI has created a new specification: ‘PAS 555 Cyber security risk – Governance and management – Specification’ to help organizations manage their exposure to cyber security risks.

PAS 555 offers a framework that defines the outcomes of good cyber security practice. It extends beyond the technical aspects of cyber security to encompass physical and people security aspects as well. It can work on a stand-alone basis or can be integrated with existing protocols or standards.

Central to the framework is the requirement for a cyber security risk assessment. This allows an organization to understand its cyber security risk exposure and develop a robust approach to managing that risk, according to its business context.

The creation of PAS 555 arose from a need recognized by industry and also articulated in the Government’s 2011 Cyber Strategy. The PAS is sponsored and supported collaboratively by Cisco, Control Risks, G4S, PA Consulting Group and Symantec, with other key stakeholders involved in its development.

The specification is aimed at the operational executive, board members and senior management, and is applicable to all sizes of organization.

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•Date: 21st June 2013 • UK/World •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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