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Antivirus solutions ‘woefully inadequate’ says Imperva report

Imperva has published its latest Hacker Intelligence report, entitled ‘Assessing the Effectiveness of Antivirus Solutions.’ This is based on the collection and analysis of more than 80 previously non-cataloged viruses against more than 40 antivirus solutions.

The key findings and implications of the report include:

Antivirus solutions have a difficult time detecting newly created viruses
While antivirus vendors may constantly work to update their detection mechanisms, the initial rate of detection of new viruses by antivirus solutions in the study was less than 5 percent. Antivirus solutions in the study were unable to provide complete protection since they are unable to keep up with virus propagation on the Internet.

Antivirus solutions lag in updating signatures
In some cases in the study, it took anti-virus solutions up to four weeks following the initial scan to detect a virus.

Investment in antivirus is misaligned
In 2011, Gartner reported that consumers spent $4.5 billion on antivirus while enterprises spent $2.9 billion, a total of $7.4 billion or more than a third of the total of $17.7 billion spent on security software. In addition, certain freeware solutions in the study proved equally or more effective than paid solutions. While Imperva did not find a single antivirus product that provided complete protection, the solutions that had the best detection rates included two freeware anti-virus products.

Despite the apparent inadequacy of antivirus solutions, Imperva does not recommend completely eliminating them from an effective security posture. Instead, security teams should focus on detecting abnormal behavior, such as unusually fast access speeds or large volume of downloads, and adjust their security spend on modern solutions to address today’s threats.

Download the full report here.

•Date: 7th Dec 2012 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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