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The threat of targeted cyber attacks is growing for businesses

52 percent of IT specialists are convinced that targeted attacks against individual businesses will become more frequent in the future. This is one of the key findings from a survey conducted by B2B International in July 2012.

One third of the specialists surveyed believe that sooner or later their company will face a targeted cyber-attack. And that means it is already high time for organizations to prepare ways of defending their infrastructure – servers, workstations, corporate mobile devices etc. – against targeted attacks looking to steal data or sabotage operations. Defending the corporate infrastructure against targeted attacks has become a vital business continuity challenge; especially since the survey found that targeted attacks are regarded as the third most likely threat in the near future.

As well as looking at the likelihood of targeted attacks on businesses, B2B International asked IT managers and specialists about particular types of malware which can be used as cyber weapons. It turned out that only 27 percent have heard about Stuxnet, and 13 percent - about Duqu. The most familiar foes were Trojans designed to steal user data – names such as SpyEye and ZeuS turned out to be known by 31 percent of those surveyed.

The full version of the report on the results of the survey conducted by B2B International in July 2012 is available here.

•Date: 23rd Oct 2012 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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