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Mobile Device Management: Key Components, V1.0

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Mobile Working Group has released ‘Mobile Device Management: Key Components, V1.0’, a research report identifying 17 key elements that are critical for organizations to consider for the full lifecycle security management of mobile devices.

The whitepaper is one of six parts to the upcoming, ‘Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Mobile Computing’ report, one of a number of research items to be presented and discussed at the upcoming annual CSA Congress being held November 7-8 in Orlando.

With the growth in the number of applications, content and data being accessed through a variety of devices, mobile device management (MDM) has to extend beyond device management alone. As IT departments are now fully responsible for company-owned devices, organization must look to adopt policies and practices to prevent any compromise in security. Most important, the report cites, is for organizations to include a system-centric functionality to secure and manage data and applications, as well as information-centric functionality such as the delivery of the enterprise application store or content library.

While every company will have a different tolerance for risk and will adopt mobile technology in different ways, there are several fundamental components of MDM that have to be considered and incorporated into policy and practice. With each component falling into one of three major categories: software and hardware, inventory and security, the report provides implementation best practices as well as potentials risks along with a ‘Must Have’ or ‘Optional” rating to help organizations better prioritize their security efforts.


•Date: 21st Sept 2012 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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