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Reported data breaches rise 1000 percent in five years

According to figures released by the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) there were 821 reported data breaches in the UK in 2011-12, compared with 79 in 2007-08.

The rise in reported breaches is likely to be a combination of a more effective reporting regime combined with an upsurge in information security related attacks on organizations.

Commenting on the data breach figures, Christian Toon, head of information risk for Iron Mountain, Europe, told Continuity Central:

“With more organizations than ever before becoming accountable for data breaches, it is staggering that so many fail to treat their information with the care and respect it demands.

“Both public and private organizations need to know what information they are creating, collecting, processing and storing; where it is at any moment in time; who is accountable for it and what the plans are for secure storage and legally compliant destruction at the end of its journey.

“A 1000 percent rise in reported UK data breaches is shocking. Reducing this number in the next five will depend on staff. Managing information is not simply an IT or business process issue; it’s about culture and people. People produce most of your information, and it’s usually people who are going to lose or misuse it. Therefore, managing information must become a cultural issue starting at the top of the organization with every employee getting on board.”

•Date: 31st August 2012 • UK •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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