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The top 10 list for winning the battle against insider threats

CERT has issued a useful checklist to help organizations combat insider threats. The advice has been drawn from the CERT Insider Threat Center's case files.

The CERT Top 10 List for Winning the Battle Against Insider Threats is:

10. Learn from past incidents
9. Focus on protecting the crown jewels
8. Use your current technologies differently
7. Mitigate threats from trusted business partners
6. Recognize concerning behaviors as a potential indicator
5. Educate employees regarding potential recruitment
4. Pay close attention at resignation / termination!
3. Address employee privacy issues with General Counsel
2. Work together across the organization
1. Create an insider threat program NOW!

Click here to read a PDF that elaborates on each of the points above.

•Date: 29th March 2012 • US/World •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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