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Supply chain continuity in US SMBs

Saia has published the results of its 2011 National Trends in Small to Medium-sized Businesses study. Amongst other things, this casts some interesting light on the supply chain continuity practices of US SMBs.

About one in ten small to midsize businesses are changing their inventory practices as a direct result of the catastrophes in Japan earlier this year, however nearly two-thirds of those surveyed say they do not have a contingency plan in place to handle inventory issues during a business interruption or emergency event.

In the event of a major business interruption or emergency event, respondents say their company:

  • Has alternative suppliers for key materials and parts (38 percent)
  • Maintains safety stock (36 percent)
  • Has a wider business continuity plan in place (25 percent)
  • Plans for contingent shipping arrangements (20 percent)
  • Accelerates shipments as needed (21 percent)
  • Carries business interruption insurance (17 percent)
  • Implements a crisis communications plan with key vendors (14 percent)
  • Monitors product transportation paths (13 percent)
  • Taps into onsite emergency preparedness plans and onsite tools (8 percent)

More details.

•Date: 29th June 2011 • Region: US •Type: Article • Topic: BC general

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