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New guide to cyber security incident management

The EU’s cyber security agency ENISA (the European Network and Information Security Agency) has issued a new guide on good practice, practical information and guidelines for the management of network and information security incidents by computer emergency response teams (CERTs).

The good practice guide for incident management focuses on the incident handling process. Incident handling is the core service carried out by most CERTs. This involves the detection and registration of incidents, followed by so called ‘triage’ (classifying, prioritising and assigning incidents), incident resolution, closing and post-analysis.

Other topics covered by the guide include;

• Basics of a CERT,
• Its mission, constituency and authority,
• Organizational framework,
• Roles within a CERT,
• Workflows,
• Internal policies,
• Cooperation with external parties,
• Outsourcing, and
• How to present the work to the management.

ENISA has advocated that all EU Member States set up a CERT and the European Commission recently (22/11/2010) proposed the EU’s Internal Security Strategy which included that there should be an establishment of Computer Emergency Response Teams in every Member State to network across Europe by 2012, and one for the EU-institutions.

Read the full report.

•Date: 21st Jan 2011 • Region: Europe / UK •Type: Article •Topic: ISM news

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