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Global Risks 2011

The World Economic Forum has published the sixth edition of its annual review of current and emerging risks. ‘Global Risks 2011’ has been written in collaboration with Marsh & McLennan Companies, Swiss Reinsurance Company, Wharton Center for Risk Management, University of Pennsylvania and Zurich Financial Services.

The report highlights ‘five risks to watch’, these being:

* Cyber-security issues ranging from the growing prevalence of cyber theft to the little-understood possibility of all-out cyber warfare;

* Demographic challenges adding to fiscal pressures in advanced economies and creating severe risks to social stability in emerging economies;

* Resource security issues causing extreme volatility and sustained increases over the long run in energy and commodity prices, if supply is no longer able to keep up with demand;

* Retrenchment from globalization through populist responses to economic disparities, if emerging economies do not take up a leadership role;

* Weapons of mass destruction, especially the possibility of renewed nuclear proliferation between states.

Read the report.

•Date: 13th Jan 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article •Topic: Operational risk

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