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Research highlights cloud business continuity benefits

Aberdeen Group has found that companies that utilize public cloud storage recover almost four-times faster from an IT-related downtime event than organizations that only store their business critical data onsite. Small and mid-sized organizations are gaining the most disaster recovery advantages as they are utilizing public cloud storage more often than larger companies.

Aberdeen's recent research report, ‘Small and Mid-Sized Organizations Gain Disaster Recovery Advantages Using Cloud Storage’ shows companies utilizing public cloud storage are, on average, meeting all of their recovery time objectives (RTOs) while organizations not using the cloud are regularly missing their RTO goals.

More findings:

- Companies that utilize public cloud storage are far more likely to have a superior disaster recovery program. Forty-six percent of public cloud storage users were found to have the highest performing disaster recovery programs.

- Cloud and non-cloud storage users both have similar RTOs of about 12 hours. Users of cloud storage, on average meet this RTO goal 100 percent of the time while non-adopters of cloud storage report they meet only 80 percentof this objective.

- Companies that store copies of their business critical data in the public cloud report they have, on average reduced the number of IT-related downtime events by 9 percent over the last 12 months versus a reduction of only 4.7 percent for organizations that keep their data onsite.

For a limited period of time a complimentary copy of this report is available, click here to obtain it (registration required.)

•Date: 12th Jan 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article •Topic: BC statistics

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