‘Facilities Physical Security Measures Guideline’

Get free weekly news by e-mailASIS International has released a new ‘Facilities Physical Security Measures Guideline’.

The guideline assists in the identification of physical security measures that can be applied at facilities to safeguard or protect an organization’s assets—people, property and information. It outlines eight main categories of physical security measures used to protect facilities: physical barriers; physical entry and access control; security lighting; intrusion detection systems; video surveillance; security personnel; security policies and procedures; and crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED). The emerging field of security convergence is also addressed.

“This guideline provides a methodology to select appropriate physical security measures to safeguard an organization’s assets, and is a true testament to the progression of work that took place for more than three years on this guideline alone,” said Mark Geraci, CPP, chairman of the ASIS Commission on Standards and Guidelines. “We on the commission recognized early on that this was going to be an extraordinary undertaking, the ‘800-pound gorilla,’ but we knew that of all our work in the standards and guidelines areas, this guideline would in all likelihood have the greatest impact on, and be useful to, the vast majority of security professionals.”


•Date: 30th June 2009• Region: US/World •Type: Article •Topic: BC facilities
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