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New Asigra ‘Autonomic Healing’ process results in zero corruption backups

Get free weekly news by e-mailAsigra has announced the launch of ‘Autonomic Healing’, a feature within its Televaulting software that provides an automated method of:

  • Verifying the validity of all backup data;
  • Correcting any problems encountered with data corruption or logical inconsistencies caused by third parties;
  • Ensuring readiness for immediate online data recovery.

According to Asigra, Autonomic Healing ‘solves the hidden corruption and data integrity issues that plague tape-based backup’, resulting in zero corruption backups.

Transparent to the end-user, Autonomic Healing serves as a network immune system, constantly scanning all backup data for corrupted or otherwise problematic files. Autonomic Healing scans data headers and tags to continually verify that all data is in working order, and if not, there are many options to repair the files. This can include files with data corruption or logical inconsistencies caused by third-party technologies (such as faulty RAID controllers, file systems, operating systems, disk subsystems, network packet loss, etc.). As Autonomic Healing checks backup files, it automatically corrects file and directory ID duplications, without the need for human intervention. When Autonomic Healing finds a problematic file that it can’t fix at the off-site location, it automatically triggers the system’s software at the primary site to re-synchronise and resend any corrupted files during the next scheduled backup– again, without human intervention. Autonomic Healing can simply acquire a new copy of an affected file by going back to the source data and extracting a newer version.

Autonomic Healing runs in the background, analysing, repairing and replacing files as required. If for any reason there are any additional needs that it can’t handle, the software quickly notifies administrators to take manual action.

Date: 23rd August 2005 • Region: US/UK/World Type: Article •Topic: IT continuity
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