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Preparing your company for a CBRN incident...

Why does my company need to prepare specific CBRN plans?

CBRN responseA chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear incident will catapult your company into the middle of a major contamination incident, which will be beyond the scope of a conventional BCP. Specific actions are required and unless you pre-plan your company will not be able to respond quickly or appropriately.

The likelihood of a CBRN is so low that planning for such an incident is an unnecessary expense...

Wrong. The risk may be higher than you think and such planning brings other benefits:

* Governments have warned that a terrorist CBRN event is a case of when, not if!

* Employers have a duty and liability regarding employee safety under corporate governance and health and safety legislation! This is discharged by suitable hazard and risk assessments. CBR planning provides this element.

* Unlike previous terror devices, CBRN agents will quickly spread through both buildings and vast areas well outside possible controls.

* Government response cannot be available for all in minutes and may take days to complete. Resilience is essential and is achieved by controls and planning.

* Unprotected buildings may face ingress of contamination and seven-figure decontamination costs taking months or years with many buildings being uneconomic to decontaminate.

I don't know where to start...

Cost effective help is at hand. Continuity Central has negotiated a 10 percent discount off the purchase of CBR Response, an on line tool that provides comprehensive assistance with all aspects of CBRN planning for businesses. The software utilises a detailed question and answer process to assist you in developing and writing a complete CBRN plan. Secure on line payment allows immediate access to the software. For more information, click here.

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