Giving the recovery point objective some respect

calculating RPOAccurate recovery point objectives are essential for the recovery and restoration of systems in the time expected, but they are often neglected within business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Robert S. Emmel explains what RPOs are and how they can be calculated using various factors.

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Including resiliency and incident response in the risk equation

Adesh RampatMost risk equations include the standard approach of probability and impact. Adesh Rampat explains why adding resilience and incident response to the risk equation provides a more useful and measurable metric.

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Revamping the business continuity profession

Charlie Maclean BristolCharlie Maclean Bristol, FBCI, FEPS, looks at the current challenges facing business continuity managers; explains why traditional business continuity practices are becoming less relevant; and provides some positive ideas for how the profession can develop its role.

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Evolving your security operations strategy to fit the cloud

Oliver Pinson-RoxburghYour cloud infrastructure security will be managed by your cloud provider but the applications, workloads, and data are your responsibility. Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh looks at four areas that should be considered.

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