Paris attacks: the immediate lessons

Paris attacksAs organizations review their business continuity and crisis management plans following the Paris attacks, Peter Power highlights some useful advice for protecting employees caught up in future incidents.Read the article.

Executing Continuity 2.0 (In three easy steps!)

Mark ArmourMark Armour and David Lindstedt recently proposed Continuity 2.0, a manifesto detailing how current approaches to business continuity planning might evolve. Here, Mark looks at how Continuity 2.0 might be applied in practice. Read this article

Value vs. vulnerability: the business dilemma of information on the move

Sue Trombley, managing director of thought leadership at Iron Mountain, looks at whether organizations are getting the balance right between protecting and utilizing information. Read this article.

Handling de-resilient leadership

In his previous article Paul Kudray challenged readers to attempt to find out if their organization's leaders are resilient or de-resilient. In this article he addresses what to do if your organization and leaders aren’t as resilient as they would like to think they are! Read this article.