Why business continuity needs to change…

Why business continuity needs to changeMartin Caddick, FBCI, recently retired from PwC. In this article he reflects on the experience gained in managing teams that delivered well over a thousand business continuity projects. Martin looks at what isn’t working, and what needs to change to improve business continuity.

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Has the ISO 22316 organizational resilience standard gained any traction?

organizational resilience surveyAre business continuity managers using the ISO 22316 organizational resilience standard? A Continuity Central survey aims to find out: and the interim results are now available to view.

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Cyber attacks: five key steps for an effective response

Peter AlexanderCyber incident response preparation is often a weak area in many organizations. In this article, Peter Alexander looks at how to develop an effective incident response plan and overviews five steps that should be taken during an incident.

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Understanding Windows Server cluster quorum options

David BerminghamDavid Bermingham looks at ways to ensure that business critical information held within SQL Server deployments can be protected via cluster quorums, including looking at the role of various ‘witness’ options.

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