Enterprise risk management and business continuity

Enterprise risk management and business continuityAlberto G. Alexander, Ph.D, MBCI, looks at enterprise risk management, its relationship to business continuity management, and how organizations can integrate the two disciplines.

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To BIA or not to BIA? Final survey results

Future BIAOne of the differentiators of the new approach to BC advocated by Adaptive BC is the removal of the BIA and risk assessment from the business continuity process. Continuity Central conducted a survey to assess whether this is a realistic proposal.

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How to add a resiliency-in-layers approach to your business cloud strategy

Rob StrechayAs cloud becomes a mainstream part of organizational infrastructure, any failure of the cloud service becomes a business continuity issue. Rob Strechay looks at what organizations can do to prepare for cloud downtime.

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Five security trends that threaten your network hive

Russell CrampinRussell Crampin analyses five key cyber security challenges facing businesses today and the steps that can be taken to secure the network ecosystem.

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Business continuity?

Business continuity can be defined as 'the processes, procedures, decisions and activities to ensure that an organization can continue to function through an operational interruption'. Read more about the basics of business continuity here.