Organizational resilience and business continuity: bringing clarity to a confused profession

Resilience and BCMResilience is very much a hot topic in the business continuity profession, but there seems to be very little agreement about what we mean by resilience; where it sits in relation to business continuity management; and what its scope should be. This article aims at bringing some clarity...

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Walking a mile in your crisis leader’s shoes

When the stuff hits the fan, do you ever stop and feel sorry for the leaders? A little bit of sympathy perhaps, when, in the words of the late Glen Frey, ‘the heat is on’?
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Tips for choosing the best encryption solution for your organization

Encryption can be a response to many data security requirements – but only if you choose the proper solution, implement it thoroughly and don’t overestimate its power. Read this article.

Mitigating security risks and ensuring business continuity at the network’s edge

Organizations can focus on some key mitigation priorities to secure the network’s edge more effectively. Kent Woodruff explains…

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