Global ransomware attack may actually be a precursor to a more virulent future event

ransomware attackWhile the ransomware attack that is in the headlines at the moment has been linked to the Petya ransomware, emerging evidence is pointing to the attack being based on a new type of ransomware, which may be being used as a probe for a future more aggressive attack.

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Ensuring business continuity during ERP migration

Andres RichterEnterprise resource planning software is used widely across many sectors but moving from one ERP vendor to another can be a daunted task due to the potential business continuity risks involved. Andres Richter looks at the issue.

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Organizational risks that you should definitely be acting on

Chris ButlerIt is easy for organizations to feel overwhelmed by the number and scale of the risks that are faced; but often the perception of the potential harm engendered by various risks is exaggerated. In this article Chris Butler lists the real risks that every organization needs to consider.

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Denying the deniers: fighting back against DDoS attacks

Marie HattarWorldwide DDoS attacks increased significantly over the past year but they get much less publicity than other forms of cyber attack. Marie Hattar looks at why this is and what the latest techniques are to protect businesses against such incidents.

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