The strategic value of resilience

Resilience and strategyIn the final article in his series on organizational resilience, Robin Robin Gaddum looks at the strategic value of resilience; why this is important; and how to embed organizational resilience into strategic programmes.

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People and paper: the well-intentioned threat of data protection and privacy?

Gavin SiggersThe new European Union General Data Protection Regulation may be difficult to apply to paper-based information, creating a new risk for organizations to manage. Gavin Siggers explains…
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The SIP security fallacy

Paul German looks at the specific security issues with VoIP session initiation protocol and explains why the risks need to be taken seriously. It’s time to think differently about SIP security: before it is too late…

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Organizational resilience and business continuity: bringing clarity to a confused profession

Resilience is very much a hot topic in the business continuity profession, but there seems to be very little agreement about what we mean by resilience. In this article John Robinson aims at bringing some clarity...

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