Making the case for ‘herd resilience’

Matt Hodges-Long explains how the concept of herd immunity can be translated to the business arena and how the resulting herd resilience could bring benefits for business continuity and resiliency.

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Welcome to the redesigned Continuity Central

Welcome to the new Continuity CentralThe website is now totally responsive, meaning that you can easily use it via your mobile device as well as your desktop PC. Read more and provide your feedback...

What military leadership teaches us about leadership in a corporate crisis

Can military principles and processes really be applied to corporate crisis management? Jonathan Hemus thinks they can...

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DDoS attacks: why denial of service is not always the attacker’s aim

Dave Larson, CTO at Corero, explains why DDoS attacks are often a diversionary tactic, allowing other attack vectors to be placed on the network unnoticed. Read this article.