Fundamentals of business continuity: the business impact analysis

The business impact analysisOne year on from the completion of the ISO Technical Specification for BIAs, ISO/TS 22317:2015 Societal security -- Business continuity management systems -- Guidelines for business impact analysis (BIA), Jayne Howe examines the realities of the standard and combines this with some practical advice on how to conduct BIAs.

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Four key concepts for effective risk management

Gary WatsonAlexei Sidorenko provides an overview of four key criteria that are essential for effective risk management. The criteria are: integrating risk into decision making; strong risk management culture; disclosing risk information; and continuously improving risk management.

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Why organizations need to move to an application-centric approach to security management

application-centric approach to security managementKyle Wickert explains what an application-centric approach is and why organizations need to start adopting it for security management.

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A crisis management plan development checklist...

Chris ReganChris Regan presents a six point checklist which provide a great starting point for developing your crisis management thinking and your organization’s plan.

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Business continuity?

Business continuity can be defined as 'the processes, procedures, decisions and activities to ensure that an organization can continue to function through an operational interruption'. Read more about the basics of business continuity here.