Brexit for business continuity and risk managers

business continuity BrexitThe official announcement of the result of the United Kingdom’s referendum about whether the UK should leave or remain in the EU has been declared and voters have decided to leave. The implications for businesses are unclear and this page will be continually updated with information to assist business continuity and risk managers steer through these turbulent waters.

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The anatomy of a good crisis communications response

crisis communications responseDee Smith and Associates explores what good communications after an incident looks like, looking at some real-world examples and emphasising the important of being transparent during a crisis.

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Cyber risk management of third party suppliers and partners

Jim KennedyDr. Jim Kennedy explains why managing the cyber risks posed by suppliers and partners is the weak link in many information security plans and looks at how to improve in this area.

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BCM measurement: twelve critical BCM success factors

Business continuity measurementHow do you ensure that the time and money spent on business continuity is yielding the desired results? Karen Humphris looks at the subject and provides a checklist of 12 critical BCM success factors.

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