The evolution of the penetration test for the Internet of Things era

penetration testingToby Scott-Jackson explores how penetration testing has changed: and how it must continue changing in the future to remain a crucial tool in helping manage cyber risks as organizations move into the epoch of the Internet of Things.

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Six levels of business continuity maturity

Margaret LangsettHow mature is your organization when it comes to business continuity? Does your business continuity management program crawl, walk or run? Margaret Langsett describes six levels of business continuity maturity.

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The five essential skills of the business continuity professional

Paul KudrayPaul Kudray believes that there are five human qualities which are shared by many resilience professionals. In this article he describes these essential skills; see if you agree with his assessment...

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Improving DR and BC for small and medium sized businesses using a hyperconverged infrastructure approach

Jason CollierJason Collier looks at the difficulties that SMBs often experience when developing IT disaster recovery and business continuity plans and claims that switching to a hyperconverged approach will solve many of the issues. Read this article.