Lessons learned from 15 years of conducting BIAs

Business impact analysisSamuel Shanthan has worked in consultancy and industry for over 15 years and in this article seeks to capture the lessons learned from the many BIAs he has conducted, with the aim of helping other business continuity professionals who are experiencing difficulties with BIAs.

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What is collateral risk; and why should I be worried about it?

collateral riskGeary Sikich looks at the subject of collateral risk and shows how the concept can be used in risk management processes. Read this article

A systematic approach to managing a crisis: the value that technology can bring to the CM environment

Ian Ross FBCI examines the benefits of using a software system for incident and crisis management. Read this article.

The seven deadly sins of incident response

Security success is no longer just about keeping threats out of your network, but instead about how quickly you can respond and thwart an attack when it happens. This article highlights ‘seven deadly sins’ that organizations often commit when attempting to build an incident response function. Read this article.

Business continuity?

Business continuity can be defined as 'the processes, procedures, decisions and activities to ensure that an organization can continue to function through an operational interruption'. Read more about the basics of business continuity here.